Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Home

Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Home

Does opening your utility bills send your blood pressure rising? We’ve all had those months that it seems every appliance, light, and faucet in the house must have been on maximum usage every single day! What to do? First, take a pause and make some relatively easy, economic adjustments to keep those bills within reason (and within your budget). With the family working together, you can manage your home comfortably and economically. Here goes:

Heating and Cooling

Change the air filters on a regular basis. It’s a money saver and helps the airflow within your home. Add change filter dates to your calendar quarterly, so you don’t second-guess when you last changed them.

Keep your thermostat settings on a constant – no running it up and down based on who’s hot or chilly.  Dressing for the season helps – no shorts in the dead of winter, for instance. Use those pretty lap blankets and afghans for what they were intended.

Make use of natural light as much as possible.

In the summer heat, keep shades/curtains closed during the hottest part of the day. On the flip side, keep blinds open in the winter to let the sun provide some heat.

Ceiling fans work year-round to distribute cool or warm air throughout the room.  Just flip the direction according to the season!

Got a fireplace? Use it on those cold winter days. Roast some marshmallows while you’re at it for a family treat.


Don’t use more energy than needed. Use small appliances (microwaves, counter grills, toaster ovens, etc.) to reduce energy.

Keep that oven door closed when baking. Opening the door can impact the temperature by 25 degrees, which can affect whatever you’re baking as well.

Use the recommended settings on your refrigerator so it can run efficiently.

Also, refrigerators and freezers run best when full. So, stock up on freezer items, fresh veggies/fruits, etc. Keeping pantries stocked is becoming second nature in our current environment, so apply that logic to the frig.

Use the efficiency settings on your dishwasher, particularly the air-dry feature.


Run the wash/dryer and dishwasher at night when the demand on the energy grid is lower, and the home is cooler.

Turn off the lights if no one is using a room.

Don’t run water needlessly. 

Consider replacing any single-pane windows with energy-efficient styles.

Don’t leave electronics on unless you’re actively using them.

Don’t leave chargers plugged in with no devices attached. This is a hazard for small children and pets. Don’t charge phones overnight; only charge until 100%.

Beyond the importance of being energy efficient as a family, prospective buyers often check on average utility costs. Now, did you turn off the light when you walked out of that room?   

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Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates