Making Yourself at Home In a New Community

Making Yourself at Home In a New Community

Welcome to your new home!  And, to your new town!  The movers have left, the boxes are empty (almost), and your new home is getting organized.  

Now, it’s time to venture out of your front door and start getting comfortable in your new area.  Check out these tips to start growing roots, making friends, meeting neighbors, and making your place in the community:

Ask your Realtor Questions.  

It’s likely that during your home search, your realtor pointed out landmarks, schools, churches, etc., while touring houses.  However, your attention was probably focused more on homes, so a refresher conversation is an excellent idea.  Your realtor will be most happy to answer your questions as you acclimate to your new community.  They’re in tune with the heartbeat of the area.

Be a tourist.

Take a break from unpacking and select a few places of interest to visit.  Check the local Chamber of Commerce website for events coming up and join in.  You’ll learn something about your new location and have a place to take friends and family when they visit. 

Visit the local library.

Public libraries are an excellent source of information.  Check the regional information section for the history of the area, review the magazine selection for locally-focused publications (they will have many local businesses listed and information on planned events and things to do), or read the newspapers. 

And don’t forget to check the library bulletin board.  It’s likely filled with flyers about happenings and opportunities for volunteering for adults and children.


If you have school-age children, consider volunteering.  It’s a chance to meet other parents, start socializing, integrating yourself into the community.

Don’t have kids?  Find a non-profit or other charity organization that’s looking for volunteers.  Perhaps something in you participated in your former neighborhood.  There’s always a need for help at local food banks, clothing distribution places, soup kitchens, etc.

Find a church.

Visit churches and find one that makes you feel at home.  

Find a craft or hobby group.

For the craft-minded, check out local clubs/organizations focused on whatever your preferred craft is.  It’s a fun way to exercise your creativity and meet new friends interested in similar activities.  

Meet your neighbors.

Make a point of meeting your neighbors.  Have an ‘over the fence conversation’ or invite neighbors over for a cookout or a cup of coffee.  

Enjoy your new home, and welcome to your new community!  We’re glad you’re here!


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Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates