The perks of using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

The perks of using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Nasty negotiations, unscheduled showings, unreasonable requests, hours and hours of researching sold homes in your neighborhood. All of these sound fun… right? Many people think they can just list and sell their home on their own until they start dealing with everything you see above.

Debating whether to list your own home or hire a real estate agent? Read on to see some of the advantages of hiring a professional.

Peace of Mind

Buying or selling a home is recognized as one of the most stressful life events we can go through. Imagine having someone with years of experience guiding you through the process. It doesn’t need to be so hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.


Tricky Negotiations

Entering into a contract without a real estate agent can lead to tricky, often nasty, negotiations. Buyers ask for everything, not knowing what is normally asked for (i.e. appliances vs. the living room couch), how much is acceptable in seller paid closing costs, etc. Hiring a real estate agent can help ensure that the contract is properly drawn up to begin with, and can help advise you as inspections occur and additional negotiations begin filtering in.


Emotional Distance

You’ve lived in that home for the past 10 years and made so many memories. It’s only natural to become emotionally invested in the process. Hiring a real estate agent means having someone who is able to take a step back and look at the sale and advise you in an unemotional manner. Having a third party who is looking on and has your best interests at the forefront of their mind not only helps you make better decisions but can save you a significant amount of money.



Where are all the places that need to be signed on a standard purchase contract? When do you need a lead-based paint disclosure? What about an FHA/VA purchase contract addendum?

It’s easy to drown in the documentation, and worse, it’s easy to miss something. You want your transaction to be as air-tight as possible. Odds are you weren’t an expert in selling homes before you decided it was time to move, and expecting that you will become one in the next two months is a lot to ask of yourself and your family. Any real estate agent worth your time will know how to navigate the mountain of paperwork the first time, ensuring every transaction moves smoothly.

Partner with a real estate agent in the Triad that you can trust.  Give me a call today to discuss listing your home!

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Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates