Reasons People Move

Reasons People Move

This list can get really long, really fast. The reasons someone would move are endless. The top reasons include:

A relationship change. Whether marriage or divorce, a change in a relationship often results in a change of address.

A job change. Work is a common motivator for relocation, but a promotion may also prompt a family to upgrade to a bigger house.

Changes within the family. A new baby or an elderly parent who needs to move in may be motivators in moving.

Better schools. Some families move in order to have strategic access to better education opportunities for their children.

Empty nesters ready to downsize. After all the kids have left the house, having so much unused space doesn’t make sense. Those are the times that many begin looking to transition to something smaller.

Whatever the reasons for a move, when a house is in the equation, motivation is based on the reason for the move. Some sellers have the luxury of time, while some do not. A great real estate agent like Chrystal Yates can help the buyer secure a great deal from a motivated seller.

On the flip side, she can also help a motivated seller get an offer more quickly through proven strategies and expertise within the market.

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Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates