Spring Cleaning the Yard

Spring Cleaning the Yard

Yay!  Spring!  Fresh flowers!  Green grass! New leaves on the trees!  And yard maintenance and clean up! Wha-what?!?

All that springtime goodness comes with some extra responsibilities, especially if you want to add to your home’s curb appeal for a potential buyer.  Wonder if this really matters? Well… consider this… Buyers determine their interest in your house within 10 seconds.

So to get your yard in great shape for spring, here are a few low-cost tips that will help you get a great bang for your buck:

  • Check for bare spots in the yard.  Add some grass seed and fertilizer to fill in gaps.
  • Pick up broken branches and twigs.
  • Prune damaged limbs on trees and shrubbery.
  • Clean out old mulch and replace with fresh mulch.
  • Weed any natural areas, and if needed — plant some pretty perennial flowers.
  • Tidy up outdoor tools, such as garden hoses.  Make sure it’s neatly wound.
  • If you have a shed, make sure it’s swept clear of cobwebs and give it a fresh coat of paint, if needed.
  • Sweep the deck and apply a new coat of stain to wooden porches and stairs.
  • Put some nice planters by the front and fill with seasonally-appropriate plants.

These kinds of details matter when it comes to the outside curb appeal of your home!  


Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates