The Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper

The Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper

Don’t you enjoy walking into a freshly cleaned home?  Everything is gleaming, there’s no clutter on the floors or furniture, no sticky fingerprints that show, no dust in the air, the bathrooms are sparkling, the kitchen appliances and counters are clean.  It makes you feel relaxed and content, and welcome.  Now imagine that you did all that work to get your home in such a pristine condition.  How do you feel now??  Tired and exhausted — that’s how you feel.  Plus, you know you cut a few corners, and opening a couple of closets may result in a landslide!  Yikes!

Hiring a professional housekeeper to come do the ‘dirty’ work for you reaps many benefits.  To name just a few:


While it’s true that many folks are working from home, that doesn’t mean they have time to keep their homes clean.  Quite the contrary, their home is now their workplace, and time-management has likely gone out the window.  Those Zoom calls can give a bird’s eye view into your home!  No one wants to share their stack of dirty dishes or last night’s pizza boxes.

For those who have their own businesses, whether in their homes or in a separate location, having their home cleaning in the hands of a professional not only saves time but frees them up to focus on managing their businesses.  Your time is money.

Healthier Environment

Professional house cleaners know what products work best and can help keep your home environment free of germs, lint, and other allergens that can contribute to getting you sick.

When it comes to deep cleaning, let the professionals take care of that.  They see and clean things that may cross your mind, but you never have time to do properly — like door frames, baseboards, crown molding, wiping off frames, wiping down doors or wood paneling, and that dreaded task of cleaning windows.

Love those Pets

Yes, indeed.  If you’re a pet lover, your fur babies are like family.  Although most family members don’t leave fluffs of hair or hairballs in their wake.  Home cleaners know how to take care of pet fluff, food scraps, and toys and keep the home environmentally safe for you and your pets.


In your initial interview with a prospective house cleaner, you can share what your needs are as well as the frequency of cleaning.  Perhaps once a month works fine.  Maybe you only need specific cleaning – like high and low spots.  Most home cleaners want to provide whatever service you need and can adjust their schedules to accommodate your needs.

So, give yourself a break.  You can’t do everything.  Focus on family, work, and relax.  Let a professional keep your home spanking clean!

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Chrystal Yates
Chrystal Yates